Bye bye kmail

After using kmail for more than ten years (I started using kmail in kde-2.0) I had to pull the straw and punt kmail for good.
The reasons are quickly told. Some KDE-developers had that great brainfart to reinvent the wheel and rewrite kmail.
Their plan to make it "better" included usage of akonadi/nepomuk for indexing the mails. The resulting kmail2 in my opinion was (and still is) a complete desaster.
First I never was able to migrate all my accounts (POP3 and IMAP), filters and other settings successfully.
Then I got struck by all the deficiencies akonadi still has. I could not reliably select mails. kmail2 simply refused them to display. Only when I killed kmail2 (closing the app didn't stop the kmail process) and restarted akonadi I was able to view two or three mails before the whole crap started all over again.
Sometimes kmail showed new mails in a folder but I wasn't able to see them even in the overview window. I again had to do this kill kmail and restart akonadi joke.
The final pain in the ass came when I upgraded kmail2 from the version shipped with kde-4.10.5 to the one shipped with kde-4.11.2. All my filters I was using forgot the destination folders they had to move the mails to. Even trying to manually set the destination folders again failed.
So thanks to a bunch of totally incompetent software developers I can not use the mail client anymore which I was using for over a decade.