Example about the usual Gentoo way of treating fellow developers (not to mention users)

So I cannot emphasize this often enough but guys, spare yourself a lot of stress and troube by not becoming a Gentoo developer or try to mess with them (even with valid bug reports).

One recent example can be seen in Gentoo bug #891179 where a simple request of making a questionable information about dependency calculation time in portage optional revealed once again what kind of people can be found in Gentoo nowadays.

Arrogance at its best.

Well done fellas!

Keep in mind: These two guys are just among the worst examples.

There is a simple feedback like "Hey I don't like it, can we make it different". There's even a provided solution. HOW it could be improved. And all which comes back is: "How dare you to waste our time!!" - What a wonderful work environment you have here... I bet there are dozends of potential devs waiting in line to help out with Gentoo development... not.

For those which are still interested why people leaving, here you can get a short glimpse on the hostile work environment a few people create for everyone.

By the way: Don't be surprised when the bug "unexpectedly" disappears now that it's subject of this blog. Altering facts is common practise in Gentoo nowadays just like spying on emails (am I right, Sam? --> pts/27 ;-) ).

Let's see how many people are getting triggered this time.


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